Scientific Name: Vanilla planifolia

Plant Family: Orchidaceae

Other Names: vainilla

The Vanilla Orchid, with a sweet aroma and stout leaves, can be easily recognized along the trails of the forest-garden. The flower is fragrant and blooms in April and lasts about 1 to 2 weeks. This orchid is said to have been used by the ancient Maya in a potion for revenge. If a woman felt slighted by a man, she would make a strong perfume from the pods of the Vanilla Orchid, Skunk Vine root, Balsam resin, and Copal resin. While saying prayers, she would then place this perfume in a cloth bag hanging in the breeze so that the aroma would blow toward the man. The man would then be under her charms.
The orchid is also used medicinally. The seed pod of the Vanilla Orchid, besides flavoring, is used in remedies for stomach pains and puncture wounds. The leaves are used in a cure for female hair loss. Sorry, it apparently does not work for males.