Scientific Name: Sabal morrisiana

Plant Family: Palmae

Other Names: bay leaf, botan, sabal

Many of the roofs in Bullet Tree Falls and in other parts of Belize and Guatemala are made from guano. To make a roof, the durable leaves are placed over cross beams with approximately two-thirds of the leaf on top of the beam and one-third of the leaf under the beam.
Guano leaves can also be lashed together over poles to make a stretcher in an emergency. In utilizing guano leaves for such purposes, however, care must be taken to remove only a few leaves from each plant so that the plant may survive. Today, the removal of all of the leaves is leading to the rapid loss of guano in the area.
The heart of palm of guano is edible and is called Coshan. It is said that Catholics once ate Coshan as a substitute for meat on religious holidays.