Scientific Name: Enterobium cyclocarpus

Plant Family: Mimosaceae

Other Names: pich, tubroos, ear-tree

Guanacaste is a common tree of El Pilar and the Maya forest. This enormous tree, is a monument to the larger forest which once stood in this area, shadows the forest-garden, providing shade for the plants below and a home to many frogs, birds, and insects. It is a legume and the roots fix nitrogen, a critical component of plant life.
Guanacaste are often left standing in pastures for their fruits, which are eaten by cattle, and for their light wood, which is often used to make canoes and wood paneling.
Known as ear-tree, this beautiful tree produces seed pods which curve like the shape of the ear. The seeds inside are a beautiful tan color with rings of darker shades of brown and can be popped and eaten like corn.