Welcome! We are about to embark on a journey into El Pilar, the world of the ancient Maya. Recognizing that the natural environment is as much a relic of this grand civilization as the monuments themselves, we are encouraging a respectful integration of culture and nature. In keeping with the spirit of the reserve's name, we have enlisted the support of experts from the likes of New York Botanical Garden and the Wildlife Conservation Society to design a truly ecological park that harmonizes the past, present, and future influences of the cultural and human component in the natural world.
Our trails wander beneath the jungle cover, beckoning you past temples, inviting you to linger across open plazas, and tempting you around houses. This guide touches upon the natural phenomena as we highlight the archaeological qualities of the site. On the three primary archaeological trails at El Pilar (Lakin, Nohol, and Xaman), we have made an effort to feature the exquisite flora.
Xaman TrailXaman TrailChorro TrailLakin TrailLakin TrailNohol TrailNohol TrailCommunity Creek TrailChikin TrailCommunity Creek Trail